Sunday, February 21, 2016

100th Day Fun!

My little ones had a SO much fun our our 100th day of school! We started the day with our regular morning meeting, but I made a BIG deal out of putting our 100th sticker on our "number of days in school" ten frame. Then, we watched the zero the hero dance to 100 video by Jack Hartmann (we LOVE HIM!!) 

After that, I introduced the 100th day centers!

Center 1 (blocks): I recently bought new blocks for our classroom. At this center, students had to work together to build something with the 100 blocks. It was amazing to see what they came up with! One group build a dinosaur with the blocks! I tried to snap a picture, but my camera was full!

Center 2 (cups): This was a HUGE HIT! The kids worked together to build a structure using 100 cups. It warmed my heart to see how well they worked together! Even better than that, the kids loved this activity so much that they keep asking to use them during indoor recess and play time! It's the simple things that they love!

Center 3 (crown making): This was a super simple center! The kids cut out and decorated their 100th day crowns here. They loved making them and wore them around the school all day! We are a K-8 school, so it was adorable when the big kids wished the little ones a happy 100th day! ClCK HERE to get the freebie from Julie Lee. Just a tip... print them on cardstock for durability! 

Center 4 (gumball machine): Another easy-peasy center. I put out white plates and printed out the bottom of the gumball machine. The kids used paint pens and bingo markers to make 100 gumballs. I stapled the paper plates to the bottom of the machines and they were all ready to go! I wish I got a picture of the final product, but again, my camera was all full. :( 
Center 5 (100th day Q-Tips): All that was needed for this center was the print out of the 100th day Q-Tip worksheet (get the link the the freebie from MrsPayton by clicking the picture below.) I put out Q-tips and different colored paints. The kids put 10 Q-tip dots in each box, then practiced counting to 100 by 10s!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kindergarten Math Centers: Numbers 11-19

WOW this year is flying by, and it is amazing to see how much my little kiddies have grown since September! We have mastered numbers 1-10, added within 10, and subtracted within 10! Holy cow!
The next few weeks, I will be introducing the numbers 11-19! Here is the break down of our math time:

I had been searching (aka spending hours on Pinterest) to find centers for numbers 11-19, but I couldn't find much! Luckily, mother nature snowed us in and I had lots of time to create centers for my kiddo's! Here is a look into my math center-time for the numbers 11-19!

Numbers 1-20 Giant Board Game
I really wanted to continue review numbers 1-10, addition, subtraction, and throw in the number 20. I created this giant "frog hop" board game for my kids and they just LOVE it! They use stuffed animals as their game pieces (so cute!). The game is simple! The dice has +1, -1, +2, -2 on it. The kiddo's roll the dice, and jump forward or backward that number of spaces. The first one to finish wins. So simple, but so much fun!
Numbers 1-20 Giant Board Game!
Here are my little owls playing the giant board game and wearing their
number 11 crowns!
Numbers 11-19 Bump
Bump is a classic kinder game, and some form of this game no matter what we are working on during math! For this version of bump, the kids roll the dice and cover the number they rolled! The rules are simple-- if a student has two blocks stacked on a number, they cannot be bumped off. If they have one block and another child rolls that number, they can "bump" their opponent's block off. The kiddo with the most number of blocks on the board at the end of the game wins!

Race & Trace
The purpose of this center is for my little's to work on their number recognition AND number formation. Instead of doing just a regular number writing formation center, I figured I would make a game of it! The kid's roll the dice and trace the number above what they rolled. The first child to fill up their board wins!
Race & Trace
Play-Doh Gumball Machine Mat's
I LOVE PLAY-DOH. Really, I have an obsession. I have basically all of the colors you can possibly imagine stocked up in my room! The kiddo's use the play doh mats to form their numbers, represent the number in ten frames, and put that number of "gumballs" in the machine!
Play Doh Mats
Construction Zone
I have two versions of this-- the first is a paper-sized mat that students build connecting-block structures on. The second version are individual mats that are used with larger blocks. Students can sit on the floor to do this. The center is super easy. Students roll the dice, and build a structure out of blocks or connecting cubes using that number.
Construction Zone

Number Sense Task Cards
Task cards... an oldie but a goodie! The kiddo's go to this center with their recording sheet. They use the "solve and switch" method for this. (they each take a card, solve, switch cards, then share their answers. If they have a different answer, they both check the card and talk about it!) Checking their recording sheets allows me to see if they understand their numbers!
Number Sense Task Cards
Number Puzzles
These are cut out and laminated. Students work together at this center to put the puzzles together. It helps build number sense and encourages them to recognize numbers in different ways!

I also created a few other centers, which I haven't introduced to my kiddie's just yet (we just started this unit). The other centers focus on "building" and decomposing numbers. 

The centers pictured above plus many other decomposing and number-building centers can be find by clicking the picture below!