Sunday, February 21, 2016

100th Day Fun!

My little ones had a SO much fun our our 100th day of school! We started the day with our regular morning meeting, but I made a BIG deal out of putting our 100th sticker on our "number of days in school" ten frame. Then, we watched the zero the hero dance to 100 video by Jack Hartmann (we LOVE HIM!!) 

After that, I introduced the 100th day centers!

Center 1 (blocks): I recently bought new blocks for our classroom. At this center, students had to work together to build something with the 100 blocks. It was amazing to see what they came up with! One group build a dinosaur with the blocks! I tried to snap a picture, but my camera was full!

Center 2 (cups): This was a HUGE HIT! The kids worked together to build a structure using 100 cups. It warmed my heart to see how well they worked together! Even better than that, the kids loved this activity so much that they keep asking to use them during indoor recess and play time! It's the simple things that they love!

Center 3 (crown making): This was a super simple center! The kids cut out and decorated their 100th day crowns here. They loved making them and wore them around the school all day! We are a K-8 school, so it was adorable when the big kids wished the little ones a happy 100th day! ClCK HERE to get the freebie from Julie Lee. Just a tip... print them on cardstock for durability! 

Center 4 (gumball machine): Another easy-peasy center. I put out white plates and printed out the bottom of the gumball machine. The kids used paint pens and bingo markers to make 100 gumballs. I stapled the paper plates to the bottom of the machines and they were all ready to go! I wish I got a picture of the final product, but again, my camera was all full. :( 
Center 5 (100th day Q-Tips): All that was needed for this center was the print out of the 100th day Q-Tip worksheet (get the link the the freebie from MrsPayton by clicking the picture below.) I put out Q-tips and different colored paints. The kids put 10 Q-tip dots in each box, then practiced counting to 100 by 10s!

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