Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oriental Trading and Valentines Day

Is it just me or is this school year totally flying by!? I can't believe we are already almost in February! The time after winter break went in the blink of an eye! Those of you who teach the littlest ones KNOW that prep for Valentine's Day starts super early. There are so many cute activities to do with the kiddo's for this holiday!

I am all about centers in my classroom-- it takes up the majority of our day. My little ones are used to working independently by this point in the year, and all I have to do is quickly explain and activity and send them off!

So... what am I doing for my Valentine's Day centers? I stopped by the Oriental Trading Valentine's Day page to grab some adorable crafts and games to leave at each center. I am loving everything Oriental Trading this year... the crafts and games are so cute and so easy for my Kinders to do on their own!

1.) Love Bug Headband Craft Kit (11.99) Okay so there was NO WAY I wasn't getting this. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I ever could have imagined for a headband craft! My kid's LOVE crowns-- we make them for lots of different things throughout the year, but this one is extra adorable and special! The headbands are easy to assemble and come with self-adhesive foam. I always love when Oriental Trading craft kits come pre-packaged-- SO much easier than having to sort out the pieces and leave a kit for each kid.

I wanted to do more than just have the kids make headbands at this center so I quickly made a "love bug" writing activity! We have been focusing a lot on being kind this year-- and I wanted my kids to write about how they can "spread the love" by being a "love bug!" We are going to brainstorm ideas and i'll make an anchor chart to leave at the center to help them write independently. You can grab a free copy of the "love bug"  writing page by clicking the image below!

2.) Owl You Need is Love Sign Kit (8.99)  This was another "must have" for me! All of our Kindergarten classes are named after an animal. We are... of course... the owls! I wanted the kids to be able to take home a cute gift for their parents, and this was just perfect. The kits include self-adhesive foam and are individually packaged which makes life a whole lot easier! I have gotten such great feedback this year from parents about the take-home gifts we've made from Oriental Trading-- so I figured this was a winner!

3.) Color Your Own Fuzzy Valentines Day Wreaths (7.49) If your class loves to color as much as mine does, than this is perfect! This activity is totally independent and oh-so-adorable. I wanted my kids to be able to take their wreaths home to decorate or give it as a gift. I know this one will be a big hit!

4.) Heart Ring Toss Game (15.99): Who doesn't love a good game!? This ring toss game is great for practicing gross motor skills and I also turned mine into a math game! Each time they get the ring around the heart, they earn one point! I am having them keep track with tally marks. The winner at the end of the center round gets a sticker!

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