Monday, August 3, 2015

Yay! Today is an AWESOME day because it is the TPT back to school sale!

 Although I am also a seller on TPT, I buy lots of awesome resources from amazing sellers as well. Because I am moving to K this year, I have been scouring the website looking for some great resources to help me start the year off on the right foot! One of my most favorite purchases thus far has been the "Chit Chat Morning Messages" by the amazing Deanna Jump!

I was super excited when going through her incredible product-- morning meetings and morning messages are totally new to me coming from upper elementary world, and I was nervous about how to get started. I really wanted to focus on building reading skills, so I was looking for something to help me with that. Her product features messages that are meant to build phonics and phonemic awareness and are going to be a life saver when teaching speaking and listening skills! I think I am going to either post the documents up on the smart board, or transfer them to large chart paper. Either way, I am absolutely following the format she suggested in her product introduction!

I will post more about this great find when I start using it with my Kinders once school starts in September!
I will be making some more purchases as the day continues, and I will be sure to write about them. For now, it's time to take this giant greyhound of mine out for a walk... even though she looks perfectly content right now. ;) 

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