Monday, August 10, 2015

Trifolds to Organize Center Work: Part Two

I've spent the past few days soaking up the sun in Florida-- but I am also here to help my mom set up her fifth grade classroom! My parents just moved down here and my mom is switching from teaching third grade to teaching fifth-- my specialty! She decided that she is going to have a nautical theme this year, so I have been making her job charts, name tags, and working on center project boards for her! I bought adorable nautical themed clipart from Etsy that I LOVE, and I am having so much fun designing things for her! This is making me want to use a Nautical theme for my own classroom this year, but considering that I bought circus tents from Ikea for my library, I think I am going to stick with my owl-circus hybrid theme. ;) 
Designing the labels for Trifolds!
My mom is going to use two trifold boards for her math centers-- one is for task cards/ worksheets, and the other is going to house projects! The game area, small group center, and computer center won't need project boards. I made three different levels for each-- the task cards/worksheets will have: Anchors Away (review), Out to Sea (on level), and Shore Excursion (enrichment). The project trifold will have: Boarding the Ship (review), On Deck (on level), and Crows Nest (enrichment.) 

Putting It Together:

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