Monday, August 8, 2016

I don't know about you, but I try not to think about how much I spend each year getting my classroom ready! Teachers everywhere spend tons of money out of their own pockets to get ready for the school year (and throughout the year too!) That's because teaching isn't just a job to us, teaching is not just something we do... it's who we are, and we do what we need to do for the kiddos who walk through our door.

Mid-way through the summer, I start to shop around and think about what I need. And you know what!? I  LOVE Oriental Trading! They have the cutest classroom decorations and prizes that the kids just adore, all for reasonable prices!

Luckily for us teachers, Oriental Trading has a fantastic program where you can create a wish list to share with parents! I know that every year, parents always ask what I need for my classroom and it's hard for me to think on my feet and give them an answer! With the wish list, you can simply share the link and parents can go online and purchase items off of your list! It's amazing, and so simple!

I included a variety of different items and different prices (from cheap, to a little pricier) in my wish list! Here are some of the things that I put on my list!

1- Inflatable green flocked chair: I have a flexible seating plan with my kindergartners. That means that they get to pick their own seat in the classroom! There are yoga balls, clip boards, bean bags, pillows, scoop chairs, etc! I am always in need of new and fun seating options and when I saw this, my heart was so happy! It's only $20.00, which is a super reasonable price for a chair this size and I know my kids will LOVE IT! I put a pink one on my list as well! Get it here!

2. Jumbo Playing Dice- a dozen for $7.50
I don't know about you guys, but I use dice in my classroom ALL OF THE TIME for math centers, games, etc! When I was thinking about what I needed for my room this year, this is something that came to mind! I have smaller dice, but these jumbo dice are perfect for little hands. Get them here!
3. Read to Self Phones- a dozen for $15.99
I LOVE WHISPER PHONES! They are great for fluency and the little ones love hearing themselves read. In my classroom, I have a set of 6 that I use for my guided reading and RTI groups. However, I wanted to have a set to leave in my library for my Read to Self center. I adore the different colors and love how many come in a set! These are a must for any K-5 classroom! Get them here!

5. Fun Shape Word & Number Swatters- One set for 11.99
There are so many different things that I plan to use these for! Searching for sight words, numbers, math center games, etc. The possibilities are totally endless! Get them here!
6. Neon Top-Loading Dry Erase Sleeves- $11.18 per dozen
If you use centers in your classroom then these are a must have item. I love that they are reusable and it's a lot easier than laminating worksheets and they work significantly better than putting pages in a sheet protector (I have found that those don't erase well!) I have a set already, and it would be great to have another! Get them here!

7. Owl Cutouts: Oriental Trading has TONS and TONS of adorable cutouts, letters, borders, etc. to make those adorable Pinterest-worthy bulletin boards! All of the Kinder classes in my school are a different "animal" and we are... you guessed it! The owls! I use little owl cutouts like these for bulletin boards, my job chart, to mark cubbies and mailboxes, and name tag necklaces for the first week of school. I can never have enough of them! Get them here!

I definitely suggest getting on to the Oriental Trading website and creating a wish list of your own! It is perfect to share with parents on Meet the Teacher Night or Back to School Night! You can also post a link to your Wish List on your classroom or school website. This way, you can keep it updated! 

It is easy to go on Oriental Trading and find a million things that you could put to good use in your classroom! Treasure chests with prizes, pencils, book boxes, classroom supplies, decorations, playtime toys, and even cute stuff to make a cozy reading corner. If you are in need of a little extra inspiration, you can check out my wish list by clicking HERE

Disclaimer: This post may contain sponsored content, affiliate links or review products. Regardless of this these are 100% my own opinion. 

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