Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kindergarten Classroom Setup

I can't believe I am actually saying it, but I am finally done setting up my classroom... it felt like I would never be finished! I'll be honest with you-- Pinterest was definitely not my friend this month. Every time I thought I had everything ready, I found another really cute idea that I just had to make happen!

Just an FYI, we are doing a flexible seating set up this year. That means that I have provided lots of different options for my Kinders and they will get to choose their own seats throughout the day. We have: yoga mats, clip boards, scoop chairs, bean bags, and "sitting" table, pillows, comfy chairs, yoga balls, regular seats, and crate seats! I am hoping to add more options as the year continues.

So, as per your requests, here is a tour of my classroom!

I am so excited to meet my new Kinders-- I can't wait for them to see their classroom and for them to try all of the different seating choices!

If you are doing flexible seating in your classroom, check out my flexible seating launch kit for everything you need to get started! Click the picture below to take you directly to the product. 

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  1. Hello! I love all of your ideas. I was hoping that you could tell me more about the passion projects that you use in your classroom. I am interested in learning how you used them, what guidelines/timelines you provided for the students, etc. I think this is something that my students would absolutely love! Please tell me more! :)